I am a terror to my hair.
I dye it, blow dry it & straighten it everyday, wash it more than I should, et cetera... Needless to say, it isn't the healthiest.

My brother got me this fantastic product for my birthday, and I am in love with it! I put it in my hair while still damp before blow drying and styling, and it makes such a difference. My hair is soft to the touch, and the frizziness due to the humidity is gone! Also, it seems to stay straight, or curled (depending on what I do to it) a lot longer with the oil in my hair, than it would without.

I highly suggest that you go to the nearest salon that sells Matrix products, and pick this up. Use just a small amount, as it is oil, and you don't want to end up with oily weighed down hair. It make take you a few times to get just the right amount for you hair, but it is so worth it.

I would recommend this product to everyone who wants softer, healthier feeling and looking hair.

WAHL has been a trusted familiar company to us all for many many years. Most of you probably have their products in your homes already. I know I do. We have hair clippers and shavers. Thank you WAHL for sending me the Flex Therapy Rechargeable Therapeutic Massager to review. 

This massager may be small but it packs a serious punch. It is just as advertised, full size power in a compact form. When I first used the power disc on my shoulders I was so impressed with the job it did. You can feel it penetrate your muscle and it actually helped relieve my muscle pain. The deep muscle attachment did exactly that as well. It digs into the muscle and gives relief to any "knots" you may feel. It has 4 great attachments. The smooth facial attachment felt nice and gentle, and the pin-point attachment worked well for smoothing out little spots or knots of pain. Here is what all the attachments look like
From left to right I have the Power Disc made for large surfaces for deep massaging. Next is the smooth facial disc for gentle massaging, then the deep muscle attachment to dig deep for tight knots, and last is the spot application for pin-point massage.  This little massager covers everything. 
Here is everything that comes with this little massager. The massager, attachments, charger, and carrying case. (No, the pup doesn't come with, I just couldn't get her to move) This all fits perfectly into the carrying case to take anywhere! I like this massager very much and would definitely recommend it for anyone. I would make a great gift for all ages. It is very easy to use on yourself or to give someone else a massage with.  
You can click here to browse and order your own massager today! They are very reasonably priced at $34.95!

Wahl wants to give one lucky reader a Flex Therapy Massager, too! Contest ends 6/30/13. 

I'm a big fan of Make Up remover Towelettes. They are so convenient, & less mess than using cotton balls & liquid make up remover.
I recently picked up these Garnier Soothing Remover Towelettes for Sensitive Skin. I noticed they said they could remove waterproof mascara, so I figured these would work great! I wear dark eye make up most of the time, so when it comes to taking it off at night, I want something easy, that'll do the job!
The Towelettes are big, about the size of a tissue. They're moist, but not overly wet. 
Here's my eye with make up applied. Waterproof mascara, Kohl Eye Liner, & purple eye shadow. All very dark!
Here's my eye, with just one swipe of the Towelette over my makeup. It removed a decent amount, but still left my Kohl Eye Liner, & some mascara.
2nd try, using the same towelette, and there was still eyeliner and mascara on my eye. 
3rd try, using the same towelette, this time I scrubbed a little harder around my eye, and most of the eye make up came off. Still some eyeliner at the top, and a little mascara at the bottom, but overall it was successful at getting the make up off of my eye.

Overall, these Towelettes worked great! They didn't irritate my skin at all, and removed a good amount of my eye make up. 

I was happy to see it only took 1 towelette to do the job. One package should last about a month if you use 1 a day!

These retail for about $6 a package, & can be purchased at many retail locations, including CVS, Walmart & Target.

I'm always a little weary when it comes to new foundations. I've tried so many that I've lost track, and it's very hard to find ones I like and actually stick with. 

I decided to try a "CC Cream" product due to all the hype surrounding the idea and all of the positive reviews all over the web. I picked up Almay Smart Shade CC Cream from my local CVS and have been using it the past week. I must say, I am use to thicker products that have more coverage, so how 'thin' the foundation was threw me off. Once on, I absolutely loved it! It felt like nothing was on my face at all, and didn't dry my skin out or make it too oily like a lot of products do. Also, it takes the guess work out of trying to find the perfect shade with the "Smart Shade" technology, it matches my skin perfectly! (being very light skinned, it's hard to find a match) The only qualm I have was the amount I had to put on to feel comfortable, again, I'm use to heavy duty makeup (think Kat Von D's Lock It Tattoo Foundation). 

After a few days of using it I actually could see a difference in my complexion! Red spots weren't as noticeable, dry skin wasn't as dry, and blemishes seemed to be clearing up! I'm now using a little less of the product, as I'm literally more comfortable in my skin. For the price, which is pretty reasonable, I would highly recommend this product. 

And as a disclaimer, if you aren't happy right away give it a few days, to a week and see if you notice results like I did. This is now a staple in my makeup routine, and the only thing I regret it not trying this product sooner.
I'm going to start out by saying the only reason I picked this mascara up is because it was free with ExtraBucks & Coupons at CVS this past week. I normal am very loyal to Revlon & Maybelline when it comes to my mascara, because it's very hard for me to find a mascara I really enjoy. 

I noticed when I picked this Mascara up that the brush was very thin... This is usually a no-go for me. I like the brushes to be thick, to make my lashes BOLD. I have thin eyelashes, & really love the dramatic look that Mascara can give my eyes.
I gave this a try anyway, since it didn't cost me anything. I loved the idea of it making my eyelashes look long, so I had some hope this stuff would be awesome.

When I first applied it, I noticed that it took some effort to grab onto my lashes. The brush was so darn thin, I had to get really close. I know you're wondering if I stabbed myself in the eye, and the answer is YES. YES, I sure did. It wasn't pretty. I had mascara and tears running down my face... Oh the things we do for beauty!
My eyes are extremely red in that photo, but what's a girl to do... rinse out that make up from your eyes, & start over! & that's exactly what I did.

Once I got the hang of the brush, it went on really nice. It didn't make my lashes thick, like I prefer, but it did make them feathered out and look pretty long. The black was a bold black, which I loved!

I'm not sure if I'd recommend this exact mascara, because I feel like it's not exactly what it advertises. I've used some L'Oreal mascaras before that were much better. But, for something new t
I never used to wear lipstick. Not even lip gloss. I'm more of a chapstick kind of girl, honestly. I'll go all out with my make up, but when it comes to my lips, I find it more uncomfortable than anything else, having stuff on my lips. The color never lasts, and more often than none, it just ends up on my teeth, instead. 

I recently decided to give it another try, & see if things have changed since my teens.. Maybe I never knew HOW to apply lipstick the right way... 
I purchased the Just Bitten in "Dawn" & the Colorburst in "Sunset Peach". 
I tried the Just Bitten, first. I had mixed reviews because first of all, my lips are chapped. So when I was applying the "marker" side of the stick, it didn't feel too great. Once I used the "Balm" side of the stick, it made my lips smooth with VERY vivid color. Maybe a little too vivid, but that could just be the shade I picked up. I thought it gave me a slight "Kool-Aid" stain look to my lips, or maybe that was just where my lips were chapped, who knows.

The color lasted a long time, and once I applied the Balm, it really made my lips feel good!

I tried the Colorburst Lip gloss next. Now, I'm usually not a fan of lip gloss, because they taste weird, and leave my lips feeling very sticky. EW. Well, this lip gloss didn't do that. It went on smooth, and stayed smooth the entire time. It gave off a nice sparkle, & the color was very mild, which I liked.

The only thing I didn't like about this lip gloss is that it only lasted about 30 minutes before I had to re-apply. With the Just Bitten, I didn't have to re-apply for about 4 hours.

While I liked both products, I'd have to go with the Just Bitten because it lasts a long time, with lasting color and shine! 

Revlon products are in my top 5 for Cosmetics. They offer great money saving coupons online and in the paper & offer great promotions in store at CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens.
I recently spotted Revlon Lash Lotion Mascara at my local CVS store & HAD to try it. Not only because the bottle is bright blue, green & purple, but because I absolutely love mascara. I have tried lots of different brands, with mixed reviews. Some are too heavy, too thick, too thin, they clump too much, or they don't even look like I've applied it at all.

With Revlon Lash Potion, it goes on light, but gives you a great dramatic eye look. I purchased the Blackest Black & it's absolutely perfect. Plus, with Emma Stone as the Actress behind this Mascara in all the advertisements, I pretty much just said "SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY!". Isn't she just ADORABLE?! 
Revlon Lash Potion gives my lashes a dark, thick, long look without weighing them down, & that is what I love! Nothing is more annoying than eyelashes that weigh about 10lbs.
With Revlon being one of my favorite brands of make up, trying this mascara was a no-brainer. At CVS this product has a price tag of $7.99. Money Saving coupons are available for this product, & drug stores, like CVS do offer ExtraBucks deals, to make this product even cheaper. It's definitely worth giving it a try.

/// QUALITY               ★★★★☆
/// PRICE                   ★★
/// PACKAGING         ★★★★★
/// COLOR                 ★★★★★
/// AS ADVERTISED  ★★★★★
/// OVERALL             ★★★★★