I'm going to start out by saying the only reason I picked this mascara up is because it was free with ExtraBucks & Coupons at CVS this past week. I normal am very loyal to Revlon & Maybelline when it comes to my mascara, because it's very hard for me to find a mascara I really enjoy. 

I noticed when I picked this Mascara up that the brush was very thin... This is usually a no-go for me. I like the brushes to be thick, to make my lashes BOLD. I have thin eyelashes, & really love the dramatic look that Mascara can give my eyes.
I gave this a try anyway, since it didn't cost me anything. I loved the idea of it making my eyelashes look long, so I had some hope this stuff would be awesome.

When I first applied it, I noticed that it took some effort to grab onto my lashes. The brush was so darn thin, I had to get really close. I know you're wondering if I stabbed myself in the eye, and the answer is YES. YES, I sure did. It wasn't pretty. I had mascara and tears running down my face... Oh the things we do for beauty!
My eyes are extremely red in that photo, but what's a girl to do... rinse out that make up from your eyes, & start over! & that's exactly what I did.

Once I got the hang of the brush, it went on really nice. It didn't make my lashes thick, like I prefer, but it did make them feathered out and look pretty long. The black was a bold black, which I loved!

I'm not sure if I'd recommend this exact mascara, because I feel like it's not exactly what it advertises. I've used some L'Oreal mascaras before that were much better. But, for something new t

05/17/2013 1:32pm

I just picked this mascara up, & had the same issue with the brush size. Looks great on, but it can be a hassle to apply.


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