I had the opportunity to try Kellogg's new flavors of their Rice Krispie treats this weekend, & was lucky enough to have my brother over at the time to help me out! 
They introduced 2 new flavors,Double Chocolatey Chunk, & Buttery Toffee. We tried them both, & ended up deciding on a favorite. I have to admit though, it wasn't easy.
The Chocolately Chunk treat has big chunks of chocolate on top, and even a chocolate coated bottom. The Butter Toffee has Toffee flavored pieces on top,and is drizzled with chocolate.
We tried the butter toffee flavor first. It was sweet, & definitely had a toffee flavor. It was good. Definitely a great flavor. I'd buy it again [and again, and again.]

We tried the Chocolatey Chunk flavor next, & were pleasantly surprised by how good they tasted. I don't like the taste of artificial chocolate, so I'm always afraid to try anything except fresh baked treats, that I know are made with real chocolate. The taste of these Chocolately Chunk treats were very, very, very good. I would most likely buy these all the time, too.

Now, I was pretty sure I've tried these before, but the box said "New Flavor", so I have no idea what I had tried in the past. Maybe they weren't "Double" Chocolately Chunk.. who knows.. 
The verdict is in... we pick Double Chocolately Chunk as our favorite flavor out of the two. Though, both were VERY good & we would definitely purchase these in the future!

These treats are about $2 a box at most retailers, & Kellogg's offers money saving coupons for their products on their website.

/// QUALITY               ★★★★☆
/// PRICE                   ★★★★★
/// PACKAGING         ★★★★☆
/// FLAVOR               ★★★★☆
/// AS ADVERTISED  ★★★★☆
/// OVERALL             ★★★★☆

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