I am always looking for a quick way to eat a healthy breakfast. I am not always good about eating breakfast because one, I just want to drink copious amounts of coffee, and two, I just don't feel like messing with it. My doctor told me that eating oatmeal was a great way to keep my cholesterol in check so when I saw the perfect portions, AND better yet, had a coupon for it, I grabbed some.

I chose the Maple and Cinnamon flavors. I love that I can control how big of a bowl I want to eat. Those little oatmeal packets are fine, but sometimes I want just a little bit more, but not 2 packets. Another bonus to this oatmeal is that they have great flavor but no sugar added. You control the sweetness and what kind of sweetener you want. I use Splenda. My kids use sugar. I also enjoy adding blueberries, raisins, or craisins to my oatmeal. You can add whatever you like of course. Make your perfect bowl of Oatmeal. Oh, and the Cinnamon is my favorite. The maple is good too but I just LOVE cinnamon.
You fix this Oatmeal like you would the instant Oatmeal packets. Add how much you want to a bowl...

Then, add how much water you want. I don't measure anything I just add water until it looks right. Add more if you want it runnier, less if you want it thick. Personally, I don't like it thick. Then I microwave for about 1 1/2 minute,  then add my sweetener and skim milk. That is it! So quick and easy! It is delicious. I really like it and hope Quaker keeps making this. 
The only down side I can say about this product is the sodium content. It has 220 mg's per 1/2 cup serving! So, if you are watching Sodium intake this product probably wouldn't be for you. Personally, for the convenience and taste, I recommend it. As you can see by the amount in my bowl, I don't eat a huge portion of it anyways. Thank you for this product Quaker!
Emily Robb
5/26/2013 04:52:59

The Maple is my FAVORITE. It's so good!
We like to add Almonds, Honey, Agave, Raisins, Fresh Fruit... whatever we have on hand, to this stuff! I love how it doesn't have added sugar, so we can sweeten it however we please! GREAT stuff!


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