After reviewing my customized magnets from, I was contacted by their sister site, to review some of their products, too. I was more than excited to accept their offer!

We went with the same theme as my magnets, since I wanted them to match. I've been including the magnets in with my packages for the past month, and my customers are loving them!
When I received the stickers, I loved how they shined in the light! SO glossy, and beautiful! They're the perfect size for including in with orders, or for slapping on a package of treats, to make them look more professional!
My order contained 100 perfect, shiny, professional stickers!  Aren't they gorgeous?! The quality is top-notch, & I know in the future I will be ordering more of these stickers to use for packaging on my products! 

The team at is amazing at customizing the product to your liking. They're quick and efficient!

Customized Stickers wants to give you a chance to win, too!

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I recently had the amazing opportunity to review some customized magnets from
I was pretty excited because I run an online Pet Bakery, and am always looking for new, exciting ways to advertise! 

Working with the people at was amazingly easy. They asked me for photos, links, emails, really anything that I wanted on my magnets, & then they worked their magic. 
The end result were these beautiful, glossy, amazing little magnets, that I just couldn't wait to show off! 
The quality of the magnet was great. Strong, but not heavy. I even stuck one on the back of my moms car, just to see if it would survive the car ride, & it didn't budge. 
Picture offers lots of different Magnet options, including refrigerator magnets, Door hangers, Clips, Calendars, Picture frames, Notepads.. you name it, they make it! is a great way for small businesses to branch out, & advertise their company, at an affordable price!

You can find on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+ wants to give you a chance to win, too!

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I recently had the opportunity to review the EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale. I was super excited about this because I run an online Pet Bakery, & often need to weigh my products before packaging them, to ensure my customers get the correct amount of treats.
When I received the box, I was excited to see the scale included a Calorie Factor Booklet, & also included batteries, so I could start using the scale right away! 
I was already in the kitchen preparing some Cat Treats, that I needed to measure out into 2oz bags, so it was the perfect opportunity to get out the scale! As you can see, the scale has a Unit button, allowing you to switch between ounces, grams, kilograms or pounds. I usually only use the ounce or  pound measurements.
My favorite feature on this scale is the Tare feature. It allows you to place a bowl onto the scale, & then make the scale read 0.00, making it easier to weigh loose items, like vegetables or baking ingredients.
As you can see, the scale is very accurate when using a bowl with the Tare feature.   
Here's another example with the food directly on the scale, verses using a bowl and the tare option. 
Isnt' that awesome? I love how accurate it is! This scale has a limit of 11lbs, which is great for such a small scale! The only downfall I can see is that the scale is pretty small, and using a larger bowl may block the screen, making it impossible to read, although EatSmart does offer many different scales on their website that are larger, bypassing this issue all together. 

I can see myself using this scale daily, and possibly even encouraging me to eat healthier, smaller portions since it'll be easy to weigh out serving sizes.

EatSmart offers lots of great products on their website. They also have a great blog full of healthy recipes.

You can find EatSmart on Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Twitter & their Official Website.

I absolutely love this scale, & will be sure to tell all of my friends and family about this brand. 

Thank you to EatSmart for allowing me to review their Precision Pro Kitchen Scale!  

Please note that EatSmart sent me this scale at no charge, & my opinion and review is 100% my honest words. EatSmart has in no way paid me for my review.
I recently saw some Homemade Febreze on Pinterest that I was interested in trying out... I thought "How great would that be to review!" but then I realized that I didn't have any liquid fabric softener in the house. I did, however have some Downy Unstopables & thought I'd try it out and see if I could make it work.
I filled the cap of the small bottle of Unstopables, filled a large spray bottle with warm tap water & shook the bottle until the beads were dissolved! SIMPLE as that.

The smell is FANTASTIC. I'm obsessed! & It was so easy and cheap to make! Plus, if the scent is too strong or not strong enough, it's easy to adjust to your liking!
I've used my homemade Febreze to spray my curtains, couch, bedding & everything in between! It really freshens the house up, especially with 2 dogs, & 3 cats running around here!

If you try this out, let me know how you like it! :)
We all know and love Air Wick products right? They always have something nice to scent our homes with. Air wick has been around since 1943 creating beautiful odor eliminating products. Did you realize Air Wick was available in over 60 different countries? WOW! 
Today I am reviewing the Air Wick color changing candle. I must say I was a bit skeptical at first, wondering how this was going to change colors and if it would even be noticeable. does and it is SO cool! The minute I held the flame to it to light it, it turned blue. Then as I watched it burn it started turning all these vibrant colors. I went around my house showing it to everyone. I don't know if they were as impressed as I was, but I think secretly they were and just didn't want to admit it. (wink) 
So, as you can see this is a very vibrant green shade. The colors are so bright and beautiful you just want to keep looking at it! Okay, here comes the picture of it turning hot pink to red....ready? Bam! Beautiful. 
Now that I have gone over how impressed I am with the colors of this candle I will tell you it smells awesome too! I got the Lavender and Chamomile scent. I love it! I am definitely going to buy some more of these and place around my house. They run about $6.00, but currently there is a $2/2 coupon available to print! Click here to go print your $2/2 coupon today and get out and get these! You must register on the site to receive coupon. 
I have a HP Photosmart printer, which I have a love/hate relationship with. Sometimes it deletes the drivers off my computer and won't print anything at all. It also goes through ink VERY fast. I guess that's my own fault since I mainly use it to print coupons every month.

I usually purchase an HP ink cartridge for $11.88 at Walmart, which lasts me about 4 weeks. I keep my printer setting to only using blank ink, and on fast draft since, like I mentioned above, I'm usually only printing coupons. 

I decided to look on eBay to see what was offered, & how much of a price difference it was. I had heard not-so-great things about non-genuine cartridges, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

That's when I stumbled upon Dura ECO.
I skimmed through the feedback & decided to give it a try. I ordered (1) HP 564 XL ink cartridge for $3.94. The XL cartridges are about 2 of the regular sized ones. They run about $22..98 at Walmart. So, I'm saving over $19.00.
When I received the ink cartridge in the mail, it was safely packaged & arrived within 3 days. I installed it a few days later, since the HP cartridge I had in my printer at the time hadn't run out yet.

When I installed the new Dura ECO cartridge, it leaked a little [just a few drops] but had no issues in my printer what-so-ever. The pages print in bold black ink & worked perfectly for my coupons.

I will definitely be ordering from this shop again!

/// QUALITY               ★★★★☆
/// PRICE                   ★★★★★
/// PACKAGING         ★★★★★
/// COLOR                 ★★★★★
/// AS ADVERTISED  ★★★★★
/// OVERALL             ★★★★★