I have a HP Photosmart printer, which I have a love/hate relationship with. Sometimes it deletes the drivers off my computer and won't print anything at all. It also goes through ink VERY fast. I guess that's my own fault since I mainly use it to print coupons every month.

I usually purchase an HP ink cartridge for $11.88 at Walmart, which lasts me about 4 weeks. I keep my printer setting to only using blank ink, and on fast draft since, like I mentioned above, I'm usually only printing coupons. 

I decided to look on eBay to see what was offered, & how much of a price difference it was. I had heard not-so-great things about non-genuine cartridges, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

That's when I stumbled upon Dura ECO.
I skimmed through the feedback & decided to give it a try. I ordered (1) HP 564 XL ink cartridge for $3.94. The XL cartridges are about 2 of the regular sized ones. They run about $22..98 at Walmart. So, I'm saving over $19.00.
When I received the ink cartridge in the mail, it was safely packaged & arrived within 3 days. I installed it a few days later, since the HP cartridge I had in my printer at the time hadn't run out yet.

When I installed the new Dura ECO cartridge, it leaked a little [just a few drops] but had no issues in my printer what-so-ever. The pages print in bold black ink & worked perfectly for my coupons.

I will definitely be ordering from this shop again!

/// QUALITY               ★★★★☆
/// PRICE                   ★★★★★
/// PACKAGING         ★★★★★
/// COLOR                 ★★★★★
/// AS ADVERTISED  ★★★★★
/// OVERALL             ★★★★★

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