I downloaded the free version of Dog Buddy, a dog management app on my iPhone 4s. Granted, you can only add dogs, however, it won't know if you add another pet. (Which I may do in the future) 

My dog recently had surgery, so this app was actually really helpful in keeping track of her progress, medications, and other medical information. What I really like is I was able to take pics of her incision site to track the healing process. On a day when she had really scratched up her incision, I had given her an extra pain pill and was able to record that in the Diaries section of this app. I am bad at keeping track of things, and my real problem is motivation to write things down. I was more motivated to record on this app, rather than physically write it because I knew I wouldn't lose it! (I always lose notes!)

Here are my diary entries to track her progress. You can also use this feature as reminders of dates, medication, appointments, etc. You can see the ad, which is painfully obvious, but it isn't as bad as others; I use another app where a pop-up takes over your entire screen as you're using the app, which is incredibly annoying. 

My only complaint is when you go to add images, you can only do one at a time, rather than picking several at once you want to upload. That can get annoying, and time consuming. Not the biggest deal, though!

Overall, I would recommend this FREE app. It's simple, easy to figure out, looks nice, and is definitely helpful! I think I might have to keep this one! The paid version is $1.99 and available through the iTunes app store. 


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