OdorMute has been around forever! My grandma has been using it for at least 30 years, and she got me hooked on it. She first had me use it when my (then) dog urinated on my car seat! (You know, something you can't just throw in the wash!) You'd think there'd be no way to get that out once it absorbed into the seat, but OdorMute did! 

I have used OdorMute on mostly urine soiled items, and carpet. If you have a cat that marks, it's helped with that smell. I used it in a spray bottle with water on tile floor, and the baseboard and it really eliminated the odor. I frequently use it in the wash, just as the powder for detergent, again, on urine soaked items such as bedding, blankets, clothing, etc. There were times when I used just the OdorMute and no detergent in a load of laundry. 

OdorMute is great for cleaning out litter boxes! I foster cats/kittens, so it's important to start fresh with an old litter box. 

OdorMute's website has tons of uses for this including kennels/runs, furniture, carpets/rugs, skunk odor, etc. So many uses! It's a powder that you make into a liquid. I have used it just as a neutralizer for a cat tree my foster cat urinated in. (Thanks Klaus!) It worked much like baking soda would on carpet! 

OdorMute's manufacturer, Hueter Toledo, sells this on their website for $13.99 for 15oz, and $59.99 for 5lbs. 

Amazon, of course, has great prices on this product, too! OdorMute actually sells this through Amazon, but at $15.99 for 15oz, whereas their website sells it for $13.99! So you have to be diligent in finding the best price. I also found they sell the 5lb box on Amazon for just $39.95! (It's $59.99 on their website!) But watch out for shipping costs! Some of the OdorMute sold on Amazon are eligible for FREE shipping!


05/13/2013 6:33pm

I have never heard of this stuff. Do they sell it in any stores? Would love to try it though. Sounds great.

Liz - Pet Product Reviews
05/13/2013 7:01pm

Hi Joanna!
I'm not sure that it is sold in any chain pet stores, but some mom-and-pop stores may. I think my grandma buys it in bulk online, so I've had the same box for years! It's really great stuff!

05/13/2013 6:41pm

This product is wonderful. I have been using it for years and it's the only thing that gets the soiled smell out of my dogs' bed when she has an accident in her kennel while I'm away. Great stuff!


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