I'm always a little weary when it comes to new foundations. I've tried so many that I've lost track, and it's very hard to find ones I like and actually stick with. 

I decided to try a "CC Cream" product due to all the hype surrounding the idea and all of the positive reviews all over the web. I picked up Almay Smart Shade CC Cream from my local CVS and have been using it the past week. I must say, I am use to thicker products that have more coverage, so how 'thin' the foundation was threw me off. Once on, I absolutely loved it! It felt like nothing was on my face at all, and didn't dry my skin out or make it too oily like a lot of products do. Also, it takes the guess work out of trying to find the perfect shade with the "Smart Shade" technology, it matches my skin perfectly! (being very light skinned, it's hard to find a match) The only qualm I have was the amount I had to put on to feel comfortable, again, I'm use to heavy duty makeup (think Kat Von D's Lock It Tattoo Foundation). 

After a few days of using it I actually could see a difference in my complexion! Red spots weren't as noticeable, dry skin wasn't as dry, and blemishes seemed to be clearing up! I'm now using a little less of the product, as I'm literally more comfortable in my skin. For the price, which is pretty reasonable, I would highly recommend this product. 

And as a disclaimer, if you aren't happy right away give it a few days, to a week and see if you notice results like I did. This is now a staple in my makeup routine, and the only thing I regret it not trying this product sooner.

05/21/2013 3:45pm

I wanted to try this stuff SO bad, but couldn't find it at CVS. I love Almay products though and have been using their Smart Shade foundation for years! My skin loves that stuff!

I am dying to try this now though!!!


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