I'm a big fan of Make Up remover Towelettes. They are so convenient, & less mess than using cotton balls & liquid make up remover.
I recently picked up these Garnier Soothing Remover Towelettes for Sensitive Skin. I noticed they said they could remove waterproof mascara, so I figured these would work great! I wear dark eye make up most of the time, so when it comes to taking it off at night, I want something easy, that'll do the job!
The Towelettes are big, about the size of a tissue. They're moist, but not overly wet. 
Here's my eye with make up applied. Waterproof mascara, Kohl Eye Liner, & purple eye shadow. All very dark!
Here's my eye, with just one swipe of the Towelette over my makeup. It removed a decent amount, but still left my Kohl Eye Liner, & some mascara.
2nd try, using the same towelette, and there was still eyeliner and mascara on my eye. 
3rd try, using the same towelette, this time I scrubbed a little harder around my eye, and most of the eye make up came off. Still some eyeliner at the top, and a little mascara at the bottom, but overall it was successful at getting the make up off of my eye.

Overall, these Towelettes worked great! They didn't irritate my skin at all, and removed a good amount of my eye make up. 

I was happy to see it only took 1 towelette to do the job. One package should last about a month if you use 1 a day!

These retail for about $6 a package, & can be purchased at many retail locations, including CVS, Walmart & Target.


05/27/2013 6:49pm

love these! i use them eveyday!


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