People are always asking me who I use for Cable. I used to have Comcast, but just couldn't afford to pay for 100+ stations that I was never even watching. I decided it would be cheaper to just have Hulu Plus, & Netflix to stream through our Blu-Ray player & XBOX.

I recently heard about RedBox Instant, & was able to snag a free trial for a month. My review of all three are below. Who will win in my book? Read on to find out!


Netflix was the first instant streaming service I purchased, back when I still had cable. It offers tons of movies & TV shows, including current titles, & classics. 

I was instantly hooked on Netflix. I found myself lost in a sea of Television shows, watching episode after episode. It was something new and exciting, who has time for sleep?! I remember watching every episode of Roseanne in just a matter of weeks. 

I discovered a ton of shows through Netflix, that I'm very thankful for. Breaking Bad, Parenthood, Raising Hope... the list goes on.

The movie selection on Netflix is nothing like walking into a Best Buy, & having the option to pick out any title you want, but it's not bad. They offer a lot of wonderful independent titles, which is usually my go-to category for movies. 

Lately Netflix has been adding some great Disney titles, that will only grow with time. They recently signed a deal with Disney, to be the first instant streaming company to release their titles, which will take effect in 2016. For now, we have the classics, like Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland & Disney Spin-offs like "Cars Toons; Tow Mater's Tall Tales". 

Netflix has also started airing their own Television shows, as an Exclusive feature. Their current shows; Hemlock Grove, House of Cards, & my favorite.. Arrested Development are added to Netflix an entire season at a time, so there is no waiting week to week for new episodes. 

After a while, you feel like you've come to an end, and can't find anything to watch, but with Netflix adding new titles every week, you're sure to find something you'll enjoy watching, eventually.

In my book, Netflix is a great choice for young & old.


Hulu Plus is the paid version of Hulu, which you can stream through your XBOX, PS3, iPad, Select Blu-ray players, & other devices.

I originally decided to try Hulu Plus because I was offered a free 3 month trial. I was surprised by the selection of current television shows that Hulu Plus offers. I was able to watch all of the hit TV shows that air on networks like ABC, NBC & Fox. 

I love that my favorite shows are available to watch the very next day that they air on TV. During the Fall, I have a show to watch almost every night. My favorites are Parenthood, New Girl, Raising Hope & Saturday Night Live. The one upside to watching Saturday Night Live on Hulu, verses Netflix, is that the musical performances are available to watch on Hulu. Netflix doesn't have the rights to the musical performances, plus with Netflix the episodes are cut pretty short, leaving out a lot of great material.

The only thing I really dislike about Hulu Plus is that they advertise that there are less commercials for paying customers, but it's not true. There are a ton of ads that air, just like they would when watching these shows on cable television. I don't mind the ads (except for the fact that they only air a handful of different ones, so we see the same thing over and over and over again!) but for saying there are less ads, verses the free HULU you can watch online.. I don't believe it for a second. But, advertisements aside, Hulu plus is a great option for people who love Television, but can't afford or don't want cable through a provider.

Hulu Plus also offers a select few movies, which I have noticed are all also on Netflix, so we rarely watch movies on Hulu Plus. It's nice having the option though.

I do wish that Hulu Plus would add full episodes of The Ellen Degeneres Show, because I would absolutely watch that every single day, but instead they offer clips from each episode, which at least gets me my Ellen fix every week.

Hulu Plus is currently offering a free one week trial to New Customers, only.


Okay, so about RedBox Instant. I was offered a free month trial and after 3 days, I deleted it. Here's why. I noticed that if you look on their website, it seems as if they offer a ton of great new release titles, available to instantly stream through your XBOX or other devices. Well, this isn't true. There is a small section that has a drop down menu, that will allow you to select a category of movies that are available to instantly stream. This category consists of just a few titles, all which are available on Netflix already. No new titles at all. 

I had high hopes going into this free trial, thinking that there would be a great selection to pick from. I was thinking that I would see the same titles available to stream, that I would if I walked up to a RedBox to rent a movie. But, no. This wasn't the case at all. I wasn't impressed.

There is a chance that later on, down the road RedBox Instant will have those options, & then maybe I'll try it out again. But, until that happens, buh-bye RedBox Instant. If I want to see a new release movie that not available on Netflix yet, I'll just walk my butt over to the RedBox Kiosk and watch it the old fashioned way, on my DVD player.
I'm absolutely TORN on a winner. I love Netflix & Hulu Plus a whole heck of a lot. Right now I am watching Netflix a lot more, because all of the shows I watch on Hulu are over for the reason, & won't be back until the Fall.  So, I guess for a consistent instant streaming provider, the winner would be... NETFLIX. Though, once Fall rolls around, Hulu Plus will be where my heart and soul are. No doubt about it. 
02/27/2014 8:36pm

With the new streaming movie format Redbox sucks. I will stay with Netflex. The new format started 02-26-2014


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