I recently saw some Homemade Febreze on Pinterest that I was interested in trying out... I thought "How great would that be to review!" but then I realized that I didn't have any liquid fabric softener in the house. I did, however have some Downy Unstopables & thought I'd try it out and see if I could make it work.
I filled the cap of the small bottle of Unstopables, filled a large spray bottle with warm tap water & shook the bottle until the beads were dissolved! SIMPLE as that.

The smell is FANTASTIC. I'm obsessed! & It was so easy and cheap to make! Plus, if the scent is too strong or not strong enough, it's easy to adjust to your liking!
I've used my homemade Febreze to spray my curtains, couch, bedding & everything in between! It really freshens the house up, especially with 2 dogs, & 3 cats running around here!

If you try this out, let me know how you like it! :)
5/21/2013 16:20:14

Found you through Twitter!! Awesome idea!! I love Febreeze but it's so expensive! This looks perfect & very cost efficient.

5/22/2013 07:10:57

LOVE this idea! I have been making my own with fabric softener for quite some time, but I love the idea of using the Unstoppables!!!

Carrie Ann
5/30/2013 06:20:51

What a great idea, thanks for the tip! Going to make some tomorrow after I pick some up!

11/14/2015 11:20:46

Tried it, love it! Thanks!

1/24/2016 14:11:15

I tried your recipe and I just love it.

Mary Lou
2/13/2016 15:44:39

I made this homemade Frebrezze. But found it left a powdered residue on my clothes when I sprayed my clothes in the closet. I am sure from the baking soda.

3/9/2016 08:39:47

I made this. Followed all the instructions. Smelled good BUT when I sprayed it it left white dots on everything. What a mess. Everywhere it fell was covered in white spots. Hardwood floor, tables! What went wrong!!!

3/21/2016 15:51:31

I bought Sure Scents instead of Unstopables. Should I go back to the Dollar Store and exchange it?

Allison A
3/22/2016 01:57:35

That will work just the same :)

4/2/2016 18:02:22

I've seen a recipe that requires baking soda, but I dont see where this post does so where are the white spots coming from?

4/2/2016 19:30:41

Followed all instructions but when I sprayed it. Wherever the spray fell on floors tables counters it left a white spotted residue


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