If your dogs are anything like mine, they love to get dirty. Mud puddles, dirt holes.. whatever & wherever, my dogs seem to think they're calling their names! Though, if I was a dog, I'd probably roll around in the mud too. They always look like they're having a great time!
I recently had the opportunity to review the John Paul Pet Care 3-Pack Oatmeal Starter Kit, which contains a Pet Cleanse Oatmeal Shampoo, Pet Condition Oatmeal Conditioning Spray & container of Pet Ear and Eye wipes.  I was pretty excited to see that the shampoo wasn't Baby Powder scented like most other brands. That's one scent I don't enjoy.
I was most excited to try the Ear & Eye wipes. My oldest dog has some seasonal allergies, & gets very itchy ears and eyes during the Spring. Her eyes also get a little watery, and tend to leave crusties around her eyes. I have used a damp cloth in the past, but these wipes seemed to be a much better idea!
As you can see, she has some goop around her eyes. I try to wipe them clean as much as possible, which can turn into a full time job, Especially in the Spring. 
As you can see, the John Paul Ear & Eye Wipes are great at cleaning up the goop around the eyes. Doesn't she look beautiful?  I also used the wipes for her ears, which was awesome! It was much easier to wipe her ears clean with this product, rather than cotton balls & ear cleaner. She tends to be freaked out by the bottle of Ear cleaner, so having pre-moistened wipes was absolutely perfect for her.
Now onto the Shampoo & Conditioner spray. I took this picture of Ruby before her bath/conditioning. As you can see, her coat is naturally shiny.

When I opened up the bottle of Shampoo, I couldn't believe the smell. It had the sweet smell of Almond, which I absolutely loved. I couldn't wait to have my dogs smell like this!
After Ruby's bath, I towel dried her & used the Conditioning Spray. The spray didn't really have a scent to me, but it definitely made her coat extra shiny, and soft!

As you can see, there is extra shine to her coat, and the shampoo left a fresh, sweet scent on her fur.
I'm absolutely sold on these products, & cannot wait to use them for years to come. 

John Paul Pet offers lots of different products, including many varieties of Shampoos, Conditioners, & Sprays for Dogs, Cats & Horses!

John Paul products are available at many retail locations, including Petco. To find a store that carries John Paul Pet Products, you can use the Store Locator on their website.

You can Find John Paul Pet on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

I want to thank John Paul Pet for allowing me to review their products, & for making such high quality, affordable Shampoos, Conditioners and Sprays for Pets! I know from just using these 3 products, that I'll be a John Paul Pet Customer for life!

John Paul Pet also wants to give YOU a chance to win a container of John Paul Pet Ear & Eye wipes. To enter, simple use the form below. We'll pick a winner June 1st!

Remember to leave a comment below!

Jennifer K.
05/25/2013 7:47pm

We would love to try this! We do baths every other week and spray conditioner weekly.

05/25/2013 10:28pm

Would love to win! we bathe our dogs once a week. they are huskies and also love to roll around in the dirt in our backyard!

thanks for the chance to win!! your dogs are beautiful

05/25/2013 10:35pm

holy crap, your dogs are cute!!
i use the john paul oatmeal shampoo & also love it! we use it once every other week for our pugs & they smell like delicious sweet almond yummies all day long!!
we would love to win some of the eye and ear whipes. with our pugs, there eyes get real gross too, so we could definitely use them!!
thank you for the giveaway!!

Alysson Jayson
05/25/2013 10:43pm

OoOoOohhhh we would LOVE to win these wipes~! we currently use huggies baby wipes to clean the doggies faces but would love to try these instead~!
We give the boys a wash every week. usually on sundays after church. they don't get too dirty. they are past the rolling in the dirt stage, since they are both 13 years old now, but they still get stinky!

Candace James
05/26/2013 11:23am

Love JP products! I haven't tried the ear/eye wipes yet, but I do have that same shampoo & spray and they work so great! & you are right, the smell is wonderful.

Joanna St. James
05/26/2013 11:27am

I have 2 Boston Terriers that would love to win those wipes!
We give them a bath about 2x a month. They're usually not that smelly (except from the rear end!!!!) but we do use a refresher spray everyday to keep their coat smelling fresh!

Kathy Mitchell
05/26/2013 11:44am

Pretty doggies!
I hve two german shepards that get very dirty everytime they go for a run on our farm. so, we bathe them everyday. we go through a lot of shampoo. I have tried different brands, like Petco store brand and Pet head but I do like John Paul the best. it lathers up really nice and the smell is great.
we would love to win these wipes! thank you for the chance to!

Emily Robb
05/26/2013 11:51am

found your review through twitter.
would love to win the wipes.
we bathe our Danes twice a month, but use a deodorizing spray every other day to keep them smelling clean.

Susan McConnell
05/26/2013 12:14pm

I can't wait to try these products!

Liz - Pet Product Reviews
05/26/2013 3:16pm

I would love this stuff! I have a white Pittie, who is currently FILTHY at the moment...I don't bathe her that often these days, though I used to do it weekly. She's indoors, so rarely needs it, but lately has been visiting her "cousins" where it is super dusty so she's been getting super dirty!

Jaynie Stevens
05/26/2013 6:18pm

We love John Paul products! We use them everyday in our home. We have 4 Yorkies and they get dirty really quick while playing outside during the day. We bathe them twice a week with John Paul shampoo! We love the tooth wipes too!

Allison S.
05/26/2013 6:19pm

ohhh, please pick us!!! would love to try these!!

05/27/2013 6:52pm

I would love to win some johnpaul ear wipes. thankyou for the chance.

Kelly Ann T.
05/29/2013 9:36am

We give our dogs a bath about once a month. We bathed them last week.

05/29/2013 11:18am

Your doggies are adorable! I have two chihuahuas. Our bath days are everyother weekend - so at least twice a month. I currently use & love all of these products. One of my chihuahuas has hypothyroidism and as a result has sensitive skin. The oatmeal shampoo is the only one I use on him because it's formulated for sensitive skin. The conditioning spray also helps with the brittleness (another result from his condition) of his fur. Great products! Only the best for my furkids.

05/31/2013 5:02pm

I try for at least every other week


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