Cheribundi, "the cherry people" is a company that produces all natural, fresh from the orchard tart cherry juice drinks. They have a gentle juicing process that does not "boil" all the nutrients away. The drinks have 5-20 pressed cherries per bottle. Wow! I could actually pronounce and understand everything that goes into this juice. Cheribundi has had these drinks tested by athletes that have revealed a daily regimen of this superfruit juice can aid pro-athletes to anyone trying to stay active, fit and healthy. 
Thank you Cheribundi for sending me eleven of your cherry juice and tea drinks to review. There were so many delicious sounding flavors to try, I had a hard time deciding which I was going to drink first. I put a few in the fridge and decided on trying the Cherry Lemonade first. I drink a lot of water and don't care for real sweet drinks, so I was pleasantly surprised with the tart yet flavorful taste. I must mention again I love the simple, natural, ingredients. This is important to me. I don't like to consume things full of chemicals and ingredients that I have no clue about. So far, I have also tried the Cherry Pomegranate, Cherry Blueberry and the Cherry Green Tea. Here is a picture of the Cherry Blueberry in a glass. This stuff is DELICIOUS! My favorite for sure.  Look at the color! This is a natural fruit color. No artificial dyes and no big sugary taste. It contains 25% juice and 20 cherries per bottle. The blueberry and pomegranate taste was not over powered by the cherry flavor like I thought it might be. I could taste these flavors as well. These both have a awesome taste! The Cherry Green Tea has a lighter taste to it that I enjoyed as well. 
I can see myself serving this to company. I mean, look at the color! I would be proud to impress my guests with a beautiful ice cold glass of this juice on a warm day. Don't you just want to drink that? I did. It is so so good! Luckily, you can order your own on Amazon through their shop, or on the official Cheribundi website. You can also use the tool on the Cheribundi website to look up a retailer near you that carries Cheribundi products. When I did this it brought up Wegmans for my local retailer. You can't miss the bottle. The label has a nice bright look to it. I thank you again Cheribundi. I look forward to sampling the rest of your awesome juice!
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Cheribundi wants to give you a chance to win a variety pack, just like the one I reviewed! 
The variety includes:  
(2) cherry lemonade, (1) cherry blueberry, (1) cherry cranberry, (1) cherry pomegranate, (1)cherry raspberry, (2) cherry rooibos tea, (1) cherry black tea, (1) cherry green tea, (1) cherry jasmine tea.

For a chance to win, simple use the Giveaway tool below. We'll pick a winner on June 7th.
Mandy B.
5/26/2013 12:01:36

Wow, these sound lovely! I'll be placing an order with them very soon.... the Cherry Lemonade is right up my alley!

5/28/2013 14:56:45

Looks good thanks for the chance

5/29/2013 00:30:17

Cherry Blueberry!

5/29/2013 03:16:40

Cherry Green Tea would be great to try.

5/29/2013 05:46:11

Is love to try this

5/29/2013 23:31:18

I'm most excited to try the Cheribundi Black Tea!


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